MEXICO - First National meeting of the democratic and people's youth

We are full of revolutionary optimism and are very happy that we can share this following declaration of the first national meeting of the democratic and people's youth.The offical spanish version was published on site of the Mexican comrades. This unofficial translation was found on demvolkedienen.

To the youth of Oaxaca and Mexico To the daughters and sons of the working class To the daughters and sons of the mountains, the jungle, the land and the sea


Mexican youth lives in the midst of the bloodiest war, a reactionary war waged against our people from above. A reactionary and unfair war in which tens of thousands of young people are killed in the streets, squares, cities and fields of this country.

The drug cartels, the warlords, ... those who defoliate our future with feminicides; those who end our energy, health, youth and life in stressful, suffocating, predatory and enslaving jobs; those who traffic with our organs, with our bodies, with our sexuality; those who treat us as ignorant, as scum, as "Ninis"; those who intend to incorporate first aid programs (now known as young people shaping the future) without labor and trade union rights; those who want to convey and alienate us with fashion, drug culture, hypersexualization, reification, vice, humiliation, dehumanization, etc. They are all the same!

They are the old state. It is the law (its law), the order (its order), the belief (its belief), the morality (its morality), the production (its production), the property (its property), the home (its home) ,

Given this context of unprecedented violence, war on people, oppression and state terrorism, our generation is looking for new alternatives to raise their voices and make their voices heard.

The female comrades organize feminist anger, destroy glass, paint, march, ..., take to the streets.

The comrades face the repressive apparatus of the state, demand democracy in their study and work centers, make every slogan a flag.

But the youth struggles scattered and isolated. Share their agendas, make them thematic, atomize their powers before the enemy - that is indeed the state, the old state of landowners and great capitalists.

Young people need to reorganize our armed forces, redefine our agendas, and command them of the immediate requirements of the strategic program for our own emancipation. To accept this as a class struggle!

Based on this logic, more than 60 young people, who belong to different democratic organizations of students and workers, met at the first nationwide meeting of "Democratic and Popular Youth", which we held on February 15th, at a symbolic place for the democratic struggle of the Peoples of Oaxaca, the local government of Santa Rosa Panzacola, a place in the heart of the city where people defend their self-determination and popular will without electoral parties of the bourgeoisie.

Based on the analysis of this context, our living, working, security, health and study conditions, this democratic and popular youth explains:

I. There is an urgent need to overcome the level of dispersion, atomization and disagreement between democratic and revolutionary youth organizations, from the urban and rural context to students and workers.

II. It is necessary to coordinate our agendas in a single democratic program that emphasizes the defense of youth and people's rights and understands that we are their daughters and sons, and therefore our emancipation will only be possible through a true one Popular revolution that breaks with this old and rotten order.

III. That this means organizing our armed forces scientifically to be the young guard of the revolutionary proletariat and precisely the degree of degradation of today's society, the reactionary war, the patriarchy, the oppression, the exploitation, the abolition of rights and the morality to understand. ... They break away from the semi-feudal and semi-colonial state that this bureaucratic capitalism has produced, and suppress the working people and the youth.

IV. Accordingly, our current task is to unite our forces on clear principles, to create a unified and solid national organization of democratic, revolutionary and youth, and to understand ourselves as the force of shock for the revolution that this country needs, and that it can be nothing other than the revolution of the new democracy, which in the context of the proletarian world revolution continuously passes into socialism. In this way, we have gathered, comrades ... who are fighting against large real estate companies, from indigenous communities which are defending themselves against imperialist mega-projects of expropriation and death, from various middle and upper schools and from the unions. The Classists and Democrats who are fighting for the improvement of working conditions and trade union rights.

We can say that our generation is responding to the call of history, because with this first meeting we are preparing to give new content to our special struggles, to the struggles of the working class (the leading force of the revolution) and the poor peasantry (Main force of the revolution).

We are educated in the spirit of Maoism, which calls us to serve the people wholeheartedly, and from this perspective, we have agreed to limit our efforts to the next days of activism and protests across Oaxaca will take place to fight alongside our class. Let's fight for our class!

We have also created a funding committee for the realization of a national camp for democratic and popular youth next summer, which we will develop on July 24th, 25th and 26th in cooperation with the poor peasantry fighting for the youth. For the country and against large estates, in a resistance community in southeast Mexico.

From this position, our committee will disseminate this statement, invite other youth and student organizations, discuss with them and let them participate in the planning and organizational tasks for the national camp.

The young people who have come to the conclusion that we should and can strengthen this task, that we have a national camp with punctuality, discipline, sport, culture, art, education and of course the clear scientific and revolutionary ideology of the proletariat and should be able to promote the people.

Young guard, always on guard! For a class line within the student movement! Serve the people wholeheartedly, fighting troops of the revolution!


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