INDIA – Repression against democratic activist for „maoist links“

The protests against the so-called „Citizens amendment act“ are still boiling under the surface. News reports that the activist Akhil Gogoi, one organizer of the protests, has been arrested on charges of being an „overground worker“ of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), that is waging the people‘s war in India, the most advanced revolution in the world.

The accusation states that he and his colleges “have abetted, incited hatred and caused disaffection towards the government...” No wonder. The KMSS, Gogois organization has in the past often protested against land issues and big dam projects in Assam, that help the Imperialist to further rob the land and the people. Because of this, he already has been arrested in the past. He has been outspoken against the CAA law, an attack on millions of Muslim and other immigrants, since 2017. Organizing the great protests of the masses against this fascist law is a justified democratic cause.

„Sources said the FIR accuses Gogoi of associating himself with CPI(Maoist) to further activities of the proscribed organization“ says the reactionary media. The old Indian state is proving with this only that the people struggling against their oppression have their natural allies in the CPI(Maoist), and the people‘s war in India.

Solidarity with the people‘s struggle in India!

Support the people‘s war in India!

Long live the CPI(Maoist)!