INDIA - News from the people's war

The bourgeois news reported that on February 8th, around seven cadres of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (CPI(Maoist)) conducted an armed protest march in Kerala, South India. In the city of Kambamala, the workers are under the threat of the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), a law that will threaten millions of Muslims and other immigrant groups like Sri Lanka’s Tamils of ending up without citizenship, as stateless refugees.

The cadres of the CPI(Maoist) conducted their militant protest in solidarity with the justified mass protests against the CAA and ended it with a warning: if the old Indian state‘s officials will come to take the identities of the local workers, many of whom are Tamils, the forces of the Party will be at the forefront of the masses resistance.

On February 10th, fighters of the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) under the leadership of the party, killed two commandos and injured six other personnel of the old Indian state Central Reserve Police Force, a “counter-insurgency” task force known for their crimes against civilians, in the parties stronghold of Bihar, Chattisgarh. It were the first deaths on the side of the old Indian state this year. One fighter of the PLGA was martyred in the encounter.

On February 18th, fighters of the PLGA blew up a school building in Bihar (northern India).

The empty school building, like so many, was occupied by the Security forces of the old Indian state as a military base instead of bringing education to the people. Posters urged the people to struggle against the Hindu-fascist rulers and “unite against draconian measures like Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)“

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