INDIA – Campaign "Make in India" for exploitation and opression launched by Austrian capit

In the course of the actions of solidarity to support the peoples war in India we received an article from the International Committee to support Peoples War in India – Austria, which we want to publish:

With the biggest strike of human history in beginning of January in India, which was the third time in a row, the International Committee to support Peoples War in India – Austria organized numerous events. They especially looked at the exploitation and oppression of the Indian population through Imperialism and pointed out to the Austrian masses, that also Austrian capital gets its profits from the created slave-market through all Imperialists.

Not only with companies like Plasser & Theurer, Rosenbauer, VoestAlpine, Strabag, Raiffeisenbank and Red Bull they take their profits out of the masses of India, but also they try to get more involved in „the Market of India“. Since 2019 the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber started a campaign called „Make in India“ to pitch especially StartUps and small and medium-sized companies, whereat they are not afraid of absurdities. They promote Indian workers as workers which a very easy to exploit, which are very easy to hire and fire them. In addition India is a good place, because there is no labor legislation and therefore they have no problems handling such „annoying“ things like labor legislation. Furthermore they apply those good possibilities for positions in India with easy permissions and returns of investments and profits.

It is not new, that the Austrian capital is also involved in the exploitation and oppression of the Indian masses and it is also not astonishing, that with the new plans of privatization they also want a good position on the „Market of India“.

Even though India is called the "biggest democracy in the World" in the Western parts of the world, it is seen that there are many protests and struggles, that the Indian workers are resisting. They not only resist, but they struggle also with People's War under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (maoist) (CPI (maoist)).

A country in which the masses get arrested, protracted, tortured and killed – because they are democratic activists, because they are revolutionaries, because they are communists! But all attempts of the ruling classes to isolate the revolutionary and communist movement are failing! The resistance of the masses and the struggle in People's War are rising!

Even though Austria is a small country in comparison to India, the Austrian capital is also a part of exploitation and oppression of the masses in India!

That's why we activists from Austria show our solidarity and support with the People's War in India!

Support the People's War in India!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Lal Salam!

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