BULGARIA - Protest Severe Water Shortage in Industrial City

Hundreds of inhabitants of the Bulgarian town of Pernik demonstrated on 25th of January rightly against the government, which sold its water to industrial companies!

In the city of Pernik, near the capital Sofia, the population has been fighting for months for its precious drinking water. There is a reservoir which pays for the water supply. It has been known for a long time that the local industry had used too much of the water. Politicians (the best puppets of the foreign companies) concealed this, because there were elections coming up!

Already some time ago the water for the population of Pernik was reduced to 12 hours a day. After 12 hours it was simply turned off. Later it was reduced to 6 hours a day - and now some people even talk about it being reduced to 3 hours! It must also be said that due to the low water level, the water has already lost drinking water quality and is partly so polluted that brown water comes out of the tap!

The inhabitants do not benefit one bit from being an industrial place! Their labour force is exploited by foreign capital, nothing remains to improve their living conditions (for example in health care). On the contrary, they are exploited and their land, including the vital resources, is plundered!

The population is rightly angry! On 25 January, hundreds of inhabitants of Pernik demonstrated in Sofia against the government!