GABON - General strike against "reform" of working law

Between January 23 and January 27 there was a general strike against a new working law, which will mean worsening situation for all of the workers. It includes easier possibilities for firing workers, which means that unlimited working contracts will be eradicated. Large scale dismissals should become more easier with the new law. Labour inspection should loose every real right, to enforce fulfillment of laws. Following the general strike, which was strong in the oil sector, caused a fuel shortage in Libreville already at 28th of January. That shows how much power a strike in the most important sector of Gabun industry can have. Nearly half of the government's budget comes from oil revenues.

According to "statistic", Gabon is one of Africa's richest countries. In reality the country has a lot of oil and the imperialists, especially France, profits from oil export and a small elite in Gabun earns a lot of money out of that. 1/3 of the population is officially poor. France is still controlling the country with more than 450 troops and has a military bases in Gabon. Some estimates say that oil reserves will be expended by 2025. Even if it will not be yet 2025, that explains why the government wants to prepare for "harder times" and eases working rights, in order to still get profits even with less oil production. The strike of the workers is an important answer to the attack of the government and the development in the oil industry.

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