INDIA – Support People's War! Support international Days of Action!

With the following Article NewEpoch.Media want to give a contribution and support to the International Days of Action with the Peoples War in India from 30th of January to 1th of February:

The people's war will triumph under the leadership of the proletariat! Down with imperialism! “The leadership of the working class is the indispensable condition for the New Democratic Revolution in India. The working class gives its leadership in the revolution through its participation. Under the leadership of the Communist Party in the struggle for democracy and liberation, it rises and thereby unites all other parts of the people in anti-imperialist and anti-feudal struggles." (9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist)) The news of the biggest strike in human history in the beginning of this year in India went around the world and was received by the working class of all countries with enthusiasm. There were 250 million who rose up in one strike and thereby demonstrated the strength and power of the proletariat. It is the third strike in India which, like the two previous ones, is the largest strike in human history so far and thus also undoubtedly emphasizes the importance of the peoples masses of the Indian subcontinent, on which 1/7 of humanity lives, in the struggle against imperialism.

As the "world’s largest democracy", India is often presented as a "model" for other so-called "developing countries". In truth, India is a bloody dungeon and a harsh slave market for the working class. The imperialists, above all US imperialism, hope for a "fat prey" in India, they invest billions of dollars to submit to the Indian market, establish so-called "special economic zones" in which they can exploit without any restrictions and support the Indian government in their "war against the people". With the bureaucratic capitalism in India, which developed through imperialist rule, a huge working class developed, which not only has a powerful force in union struggles, but above all has a special role in the revolution. With the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the working class in India has created its vanguard, which stands at the forefront and is currently developing the world's largest revolution through the people's war. As an important link between the economical and political struggles of the working class, the Indian Communist Party (Maoist) regularly conducts powerful armed strikes (so-called “bandhs”), which are a powerful instrument in the people's war. The Indian people's war is an important lesson and proof that the liberation of the working class in imperialism is closely linked to the struggle of the oppressed and exploited peoples and nations. But to the same extent that the people's war in India is an inspire for the workers and oppressed worldwide, it arouses the anger of the imperialists, who fear no cruelty while being anxious for their profit in order to destroy the people's war and the CPI(Maoist). More than 10,000 political prisoners are in the dungeons of the Indian state, many of them the best sons and daughters of the working class and oppressed peoples masses. But also combative trade unionists and other resistant parts of the people have fallen victim to the counterrevolution, which is furious in its fear. But every attempt to drown the revolution in blood only exposes the reactionary role of the imperialists and thus strengthens trust and hope in the Indian revolution.

The successes of the people's war in India are successes for all oppressed worldwide! In recent years, the oppressed in India have led great and decisive struggles and have achieved both economical and political victories.

„Quoting Lenin, Mao gave a call to ‘Dare to fight! And Dare to Win’. He elaborated these calls thus – it is not enough to dare to fight but you have to dare to win also.“ (Communist Party of India (Maoist))

Support the international days of action!

From 30th of January to 1st of February again international days of action to support people's war in India are called out. These coming actions of support should be an expression of solidarity and international unity of the working class!

The redaction of NewEpoch Media calls to stand firmly against the interference of the imperialist powers in India, the economical, political and military ones. Let us counter the plans of the ruling classes, who are trying to isolate and denounce our struggles! Join the actions!

Support the People's War in India! Long live international solidarity! Lal Salam!

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