GUINEA - Huge protests against third tirm of president Alpha Conde

Since October last year huge protests against the president Alpha Conde arose in Guinea. The president wants to hold a constitutional referendum next month to enable him to stay in office the 3rd time, which would not allowed now by the constitution. The protesters range from opposition parties to big parts of the Guinean peoples. The people suffer from hunger and bad living conditions, most of the 13 million population lives in poverty, because the ruling classes sell the countries to the imperialist forces. One of the most important sector of Guinean economy is the mining sector, which employs 200.000 workers. Most of them are under foreign control. Also corruption is a big problem. While the people starve, the government and politicians like Alpha Conde bring their money to foreign European countries and buy luxury cars and other things. Thats what Apha Conde stands for, so the people struggle against another presidency.

After a change of law in this year, the military is now free to shoot at will and shoots in the crowds. At least 26 people were shot dead by military and police in the protests, hard repression is the answer of the state. Also four young boys were shot in January.

In the middle of January also a general strike was held, in order to support the protests of the people. The workers strike is a strong and important instrument, to give more pressure to the demands of the people.

Alpha Conde and the government are lackeys of the imperialists, they serve the interests of the imperialists and not the people. Exploitation and suppression is increasing, while new deals are made with foreign powers. The protest are justified and show that the people know who does the president serve. But a new president, who just continue these politics, will not change the situation for the people. The people have to strive to struggle against foreign domination of imperialists countries, to liberate the African country from imperialist exploitation and aggression.

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