Brazil - New reactionary military force was founded to suppress the struggle for land lead by the LC

The government of the fascist Bolsonaro created a new military unit on January 21. Under the aegis of the generals of the High Command of the Armed Forces (ACFA) a "national environmental force" was founded. The proposal for this was already made by the government of Luiz Inácio in 2008 and is now being implemented by the fascist Bolsonaro. This "national environmental force" will be increased with thousands of military policemen. Just like the GLO ("Guarantee of Law and Order"), the "national environmental force" is claimed to be used to fight against deforestation and fires. In contrast to this both serve obviously the further militarization of the Amazon area.

The new "national environmental force" will join the military in the Amazon area with thousands of Military police forces.

The decision of the "national environmental troops" is, after to the GLO, which was started in August 2019, a further intensification of the aggression of the old Brazilian state against the people. The presence of the military increased sharply in 2019. The GLO was initiated after the fires set by comrades and big landowners to justify the presence of the military on the area. After the targeted fires left thousands of peasants landless, displaced or killed, the military was sent to continue this terror and to fight the peasant movement. As the democratic and revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia reports, the military bases were set up far away from fire areas, but were designed to surround the camps of the LCP (League of Poor Peasants). This alone shows clearly for what purpose the armed forces were sent. The troops are led against the LCP and the struggling peasant masses to suppress the struggle for land. Since then the repression against the peasants has intensified. There have been several acts of violence by the military, fires have been set, peasants have been driven out and the military is always trying to gain access to the peasant camps. Only recently the military raided a camp. The peasant reported abuse, all kinds of intimidation, threats and humiliation. Houses were broken into, documents and information about leaders, meetings and meeting places were searched for. According to the farmers, a hunting rifle was confiscated. But not only last year, but over the last years an ever increasing militarization can be observed. In September 2019, the Minister of Defence General Fernando Azevedo confirmed that the military in the Amazon region has more than doubled in the last 15 years. The number of military forces has increased from 20,000 to 44,000 and these are just the official figures. The decision of the "national environmental force" is the latest attack of the old Brazilian state against the peasant' struggle for land. This is an expression of the crisis in which the Brazilian state finds itself, as it tries with all means to suppress and stop the struggle of the peasants. However, while the old state, with the support and in the interest of the US imperialism, is using more and more terror, expulsion, torture and murder, the Brazilian people are moving intrepidly and with firm step forward in the struggle for the New Democratic Revolution. Translated with (free version)

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