INDIA – News on People’s War

17th of January: As the Hindu reported, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) spread a pamphlet criticizing the Government: “Many commissions had been appointed by the State Government to study issues of plantation workers. But no decision had been taken in favor of the working class. Whereas it had taken many decisions in favor of estate owners,” Ajitha, spokesperson of the Nadukani Dalam, an armed squad of the CPI (Maoist) , said in the pamphlet. Also, that while the Government had exempted agriculture income tax and land tax for the corporates, it only made a nominal increase of INR 52 in wages for the workers in the sector. That is only to protect the interests of the capitalist class, against the working class.

18th of January: In the district of Chhattisgarh Maoist made an attack on a road construction. Two trucks, a water tanker and mixer machine which belongs to a private company were set on fire. That stopped the construction work temporary, as officials said, until special security is in place.

20th of January: In the district of Kerala a group of four armed cadres of the CPI (Maoist) spread pamphlets and posters. The pamphlets were given to the workers on a bus station. After that action the forces of the reactionary Indian state intensified to search for the Maoist in that area, amongst others with “Thunderbolts” (the Kerala Police elite commando force), and Anti-Naxal squad.

22nd of January: In the district of Odisha a road construction site was attacked by over 60 militants of the CPI (Maoist), The Pioneer reported. They burned down machines, like mixture machines. It was an action against an important road construction project for the rulers. The Maoists put posters on, which exposed that project to be for the entry of the Vedanta Mining Company into the Niyamagiri forests. It is a project to suppress the movement of the tribals against the land grab of the mining companies!

23rd of January: In the district of Andhra Pradesh militants of the CPI (Maoist) spread posters, as The Times of India reported. The posters call the people to boycott the local elections, which be held in the middle of February. It exposed the local government (the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress (YSRC) party) for it’s policy against the people. “The governments have been trying to suppress the people’s movements by setting up of more number of the police camps in the district.”, it says. It also says, that the election would not solve the problem of the people!

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