IRAQ – Demonstration against US imperialism

US imperialism is lately trying its hardest to provoke a war in the middle east, mainly with the unprovoked attack on Iran‘s Kassim Soleimani on Iraqi territory. But also in Iraq, the US-imperialists growing presence is arousing the justified anger of the people. They are now demanding the evacuation of all US troops in the country.

There are 12 US military bases and approximately 5000 US troops in Iraq. The pentagon announced their deployment recently, but did not follow up. For the Iraqi masses, this is the continuation of the occupation. There is also an increasing consciousness that imperialism is ruling the world not only with troops but with export of capital, by installing its loyal puppets.

On Friday 24th of January, there was a massive demonstration against US troops in Iraq, against occupation and imperialist aggression. The government, that had so far fought against the protesting masses, this time released a bill against the US troops, that is but unlikely to be very effective.

The justified resistance of the toiling masses against their main enemy, against US imperialism, is the force that can free Iran from national oppression, given that there is a consequent anti-imperialist leadership.

Death to US imperialism!

Long live people’s resistance!

Long live international solidarity!

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