Brazil - War operation leads to further executions by military forces

The military forces of the old Brazil state violate the masses in the Favela Manguinhos, in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro over 3 days with a war operation. With Helicopters and armed vehicles, they carry out their attacks on the people.

Wether on the way to work or back home, the people of Manguinhos are all day long confronted with the terror of the military forces. A Woman, who did not want to be identified reported in an interview for the democratic, revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia about numerous shootings.

About at least one further murder through the guns of the old Brazil State is certain. Denis, a habitant of the Favela was executed from a group of military forces.

This further example of the cruel violence of the old Brazil state, show its big crises. The people of Brazil, who are moving forward won't forget one of their murdered sons and will bring justice through revolutionary violence.

Source A Nova Democracia

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