MEXICO - Successful nationwide assembly of Sol Rojo!

Mexico/Oaxaca: The Sol Rojo (Red Sun) People's Current has successfully held its nationwide assembly on January 19th. The seat of their work has been the Auditorium of the Union of Workers and Employees of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University of Oaxaca, which currently maintains the work stoppage in the maximum house of studies in defense of the salary, its collective contract and its right to strike. Delegates from various localities, municipalities, regions and popular sectors organized in the ranks of Sol Rojo participated in this assembly. The democratic organization has discussed and analyzed the 2019 report and outlined its respective planning for 2020. National and international organizations participated in the fraternal greetings of the event.

This have been an important democratic exercise for the internal life of the organization. The delegates came from different regions and organizations that make up the Sol Rojo People's Current, to discuss and define the work plan, plan of action, and the general plan of struggle for 2020, within the current context of class struggle, holding on to the path of the New Democratic Revolution, uninterrupted towards Socialism in Mexico.

Proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world, unite! Long live proletarian internationalism! [source:]

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