INDIA – Largest strike in the history of mankind!

Yesterday, on 8th of January, the largest general strike in the history of mankind took place in India. Up to 250 million workers took to the streets!

They are on strike against th so called “anti-labour policies" of the government of Modi. It’s against the planned sell-off of the Indian state, privatization, unemployment and poverty. There was also widespread opposition to the anti-Muslim citizenship law within the protest.

Also farmers and students joined the workers. The general strike spread to 15 out of 16 Indian states. Almost all trade unions and numerous progressive and revolutionary organizations called for a strike. The only exceptions were the two most right-wing trade union federations, which are close to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), i.e. the government. Shops, railways have been closed all day and car traffic has been stopped. In some parts the demonstrations were very militant, the workers resolutely resisted attacks by the police.

In recent years, the workers' movement has not only achieved the biggest strikes in human history, it has achieved political and economic goals against the imperialists!

The imperialists and the lackeys of the Indian state react with bloody terror. Not only that every day workers get murdered from "normal" work, hundreds have been murdered and imprisoned within the struggle. The terror against the workers is part of the war against the Indian popular masses!

But the masses in India resist and fight, in the current great strike movement and in the people's war, which is affecting large parts of the Indian population!

Forward with the justified struggle of the workers in India!

Long live international solidarity!

#India #Strike