IRAN – The conflict sharpens with the US-provocation

The warmongers of US-Imperialism have killed the most prominent general of the Iranian Revolutionary Corps Guard (IRCG), Quassem Soleimani, with an air strike on January 3rd. The attack hit his convoy at the airport of Baghdad, killing Soleimani and six of his people.

The attack was apparently conducted on direct order of US president Donald Trump, because of an allegedly planned attack on US troops or allies, and as retaliation for the attack on the US embassy the recent during mass protests in Iraq. It is not completely unexpected after the USA declared the IRCG as a “terrorist organization” last year.

This attack, that is going to ignite the tense situation even more, has to be seen as a sign of the deepening crisis of US imperialism, forcing it to be even more aggressive. The US have already deployed more than 3000 troops in the region, against a possible Iranian retaliation. It is the deepening of its political and economical crisis that has forced US imperialism towards more aggressive actions.

Soleimani is a symbol for the gradual loss of ground of US imperialism in the region. As the head of the Al-Quds-Brigades, he was one of the leaders of Iranian expansionism in the middle east, when the US, faced with massive resistance by the people started to pull out of Iraq in 2011. He organized the Iranian support for the Assad Regime in the Syrian war against the forces of western Imperialism, for example by reorganizing the army for modern guerrilla warfare, and by having IRCG generals train Syrian militias. And when the US-backed IS goons got out of their control, murdering and pillaging, he was the first one to stop them at Samarra in Irak, gaining him a certain popularity amongst the Iraqi people.

The killing of Soleimani by US-Imperialism is an enormous provocation also against the peoples of Iran and the whole region of the so calles "middle east". With slogans like "Deatth to America", the masses take the streets and show their willingness to struggle against US-Imperialism. This justified struggle of the oppressed peoples against the main enemy of the peoples in the world have to be supported in every country as strong sign of International Solidarity!

Death to imperialism! Freedom to the people!

Support the people’s struggle in the middle east!

Long live international solidarity!

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