WESTERN SAHARA - 15th Congress of Polisario Front held

In Tifariti, the 15th Congress of the Polisario Front was held from 19th until the 25th of December under the slogan "Struggle, Preserve and Sacrifice For the Full Sovereignty of the Saharawi State". The focus of the Congress was the examination of the politics of the Polisario Front to enable the Sahrawi people to regain their legitimate right for independence from Moroccan occupation. The goal was a final declaration on the political orientation of the Front for the next period.

There were 2400 delegates participating at the congress, a big group of Algerian delegates, supporting the national liberation struggle of the Saharawi people was also there. In the beginning of the congress, the Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali said that the Front "will never accept further prevarication or prolongation of the Moroccan occupation", stressing that "the Saharawi people are waging a war that will end only with the liberation of our homeland through the use of all available means within the framework of legality". The resistance against national oppression and the struggle of the Saharawi people is a strong sign in the justified struggle of the African countries for their right of national self-determination and sovereignty.

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