INDIA – Update on the CAA protests

The justified mass protests against the planned Citizens Amendment Act, that are shaking all of India, have been ongoing for more than two weeks now. Many states and many major cities of the country are hit by the protests.

The Indian ruling class has become aware, that the implementation of the plan will not be a smooth ride for them. Despite their demagogies, the resistance against the bill have unveiled many of their ruthless plans. Now the Modi government is faced with many setbacks. An opposition politician has given proof of a fund of 46 [crore] Rs towards a detention center in Assam in eastern India, with at least 3,000 inmates, when Modi so far claimed that such camps do not even exist.

The camp under construction in Assam

The progressive author and activist Arundhati Roy spoke out on the issue on Wednesday, stating that the planned National Register of Citizens (NRC) was targeted against Muslims of the country.

"Attacks are taking place on Muslims in Uttar Pradesh. Police are going house to house ransacking and looting." The government, faced with the protests, would try to implement the bill through the back door. She called upon the people to give false names and addresses.

The CPI(Maoist), leading the people’s war in India, has issued it’s support for the protests by putting up banners and posters. In a country like India, that holds 1/7th of the world’s population, that is deeply exploited and oppressed by the imperialists, mainly US imperialism, that is currently being hit by a very serious economic crisis and the country where the most advanced people’s war of the world is taking place, such protests are of great historic importance.

Solidarity with the struggling masses in India!

Support the people’s war in India!

Long live the CPI(Maoist)!

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