FINLAND - Fascist demonstration and Hitler salute openly protected by police

While the Finnish government presents itself as flawless democracy, it protects open fascists and uses repression against honest democratic and anti-fascist activists!

Since march 2019 the fascist "Nordic Resistance Movement" has been temporarily forced by the Supreme Court to stop its activities. In reality, however, they are still active, making demonstrations and are tolerated and supported, by the officials and the police. During one of their marches Hitler salutes were made with the toleration of the local police. There have been protests against this march of the fascists. One activist who, with justification, snatched one of their banners was denounced by the police and was punished.

In the night of December 7th to 8th, a small number of asylum seekers demonstrated in front of the Finnish Immigration Service. They demand better living conditions in reception centres, a faster process for asylum decisions and work permits. The police took action against this demonstration, contrary to the fascist demonstration, because it was not authorized, they argued. Eyewitnesses also reported provocations by police officers. Fascists, who had been banned before, were allowed to demonstrate while democratic forces are suppressed! Revolutionaries in Finland rightly demand that it is time that such governments land on the rubble of history!

Death to fascism!


#Finland #antifascists