ETHIOPIA – Mass protest after several anti-Muslim attacks

On the 21st of December four mosques and Muslim-owned businesses haven been attacked, burned down and vandalized in the Amhara region. Because of that thousands Muslims demonstrated over the whole country in recent days.

News reported that the attack appeared to be triggered by news of fire that broke out in an Orthodox church a few days before. The cause of that fire was not known, it was quickly extinguished and major damage was prevented. But the fire in the mosques was definitely caused by the attacks of groups of people.

The government and the official have been criticized by the demonstrators for their slow response and that no intervention was made to prevent further attacks.

According to official census about 62.8% of the population are Christians and 33.9% Muslims. In the region of Amhara Muslims are very outnumbered, the Orthodox Christians make up more than 80%.

It was not the first time mosques were attacked in recent time. On February that year five mosques have been burned down!

Contrary to the hopes placed in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the country is now more divided and disrupted than before. There is ethnic displacement, hundreds of thousands are on the run, dozens have died as a result of massive violence by security forces and there are numerous political prisoners.

This is what makes Abiy Ahmed a reliable partner of the imperialist EU alliance! The head of the EU commission, Ursula von der Leyen, paid him a media-effective visit at the beginning of December. According to her, this was particularly important and should mark the beginning of a new EU Africa policy.

Thousands of people take to the streets with their demands and doubts about a government that "stabilizes" the country, divides and terrorizes the masses in the interest of the imperialists!

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