FRANCE - Protests and strikes against the pension reform continue!

The protests and strikes against the planned pension reform in France have been going on for more than two weeks now. Now Macron has appealed with pity to the struggling population. That there are many French people who want to go to their families over the holidays and thus stop the strikes and protests.

He also said that he wanted to give up his presidential pension and a seat on the Constitutional Council. He also wanted to introduce a law that the next French presidents would not get them either. This is a matter of just under 20,000 Euros per month.

But these concessions of the French president are of no use to the broad masses. A minimum pension of 1,000 Euros for all workers who have worked all their lives. The retirement age remains 62 years, but when you retire there are deductions from the salary 64 years ago. This means that the bottom line is that not much will change. The workers can retire at 62 as before, but their pension will be reduced.

The popular masses must stick to the protests and strikes and not let themselves be fobbed off by these concessions. These concessions were only made to appease them at Christmas time. But the protests and strikes are justified and must be continued.

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