INDIA - Rascist police brutalities against students

As students and different Indian media reported, the Indian police yesterday attacked with brutalities against students in New Delhi, which have been demonstrating against the amended anti-Muslim Citizenship Act. Three students got killed in the protests!

The students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) started demonstration against the amended anti-Muslim Citizenship Act on Sunday, when police started attacking them. They beaten the student, fired tear gas and even smashed their motorbikes. After that the Jamia Millia Islamia university campus too was attacked by police. Even Indian news reported about large scale violence against the students. An angry racist mob of police officers stormed the university campus and arbitrarily struck students and setting fire at the Muslim University.

The news spread rapidly, numerous students of other universities, professors and the directors of the universities concerned, showed solidarity. Thousands went on street for demonstration! They raised slogans, like “Delhi police leave Jamia” and “Jamia, we are with you”, as well as some against the government.

On a facebook group of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) (We are JNU) it was posted: "What I have seen in Jamia is horrible. Glasses and doors have been broken at 2nd & 3rd floors of academic buildings and hostels. In one hostel, a student has to jump from 1st floor to save himself from police. Canteens, refrigerators, washrooms, everything has been vandalised by the police. Libraries & mosques deep within university have been vandalised. Not to mention about the brutality unleashed on students who were brutally thrashed, abused and then paraded on the roads as if they terrorists. Do you know why? Because university's name is Jamia Millia ISLAMIA. Students were majority Muslims. Same is the story of AMU. I have never witnessed this kind of hatred led brutality in JNU or DU. Who will take the responsibility? Well, someone will have to, because today we are here in thousands. Our spirit can never be

crushed with violence. We will rise every single time."

Also many students have been arrested. In front of the Kalkaji police station students demonstrated, ensuring that every single student is released unconditionally.

After that happened on Sunday, the protests continued until today. Militant struggle against the amended anti-Muslim Citizenship Act spread across other parts of Delhi. Police was getting under attack from protesters.

Down with the racist anti-Muslim Citizenship Act!

It's right to rebel!

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