TUNISIA - Clashes with police after a worker burned himself

Last week there were big protests in the southern Tunisian town Jelma. The start of the protests was when the 25 year old Tunisian Abdelwaheb Hablani set himself on fire and died in the hospital. Similar was the self immolation of Mohammed Bouazazi in 2010, whose death was the first spark of the "Arab Spring". Abdelwaheb Hablani had only occasional work as a casual laborer in Jelma, in Tunisia's deeply impoverished interior.

Hayouni, a spokesperson for the interior minister, said on the protests: "Youths aged between 11 and 18 attacked law enforcement officers during the night, throwing stones at them and wounding 20 officers". The protests carried on for days and especially in the nights, against poverty and the bad situation of the people. A local said to the newspaper on the protests: "The situation is difficult here. Police are flexing their muscles and they fired tear gas everywhere,"

"The scene brings to mind the days of the revolution ... People are angry because of the lack of development and the strong security response," he added. Especially young protesters fought against police and repression at the protests.

After the "Arab Spring" the impoverished region has experienced further periods of unrest fuelled by unemployment and poverty. Also a huge wave of protests started in January 2016.

The oppressed and exploited people go on in their struggle, especially the young people are a strong force to go forward in the struggle. More and more the people see, that they didn't get freedom after the "Arab-spring", but oppression and exploitation is going on. The ongoing protests are a sign that the imperialists didn't manage at all to "stabilize" the countries after the big uprisings in Arab spring, but the situation is showing once more even deeper, that the struggle against imperialism has to be led even more decisively.

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