DRC - Protests against UN and French occupation

On November 25th, demonstrators took over the UN facilities in the city of Beni, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Beni is still occupied by troops of French imperialism. The presence of the UN blue helmet army responds to a so-called "peace mission", whose objective has been to "soften" the military-imperialist occupation of France on the territory of the DRC. That UN mission is called MONUSCO. Around 16.000 blue helmet are servin at that mission.

The presence of the blue helmets has not, however, represented any guarantee of peace for the oppressed Congolese people. Thousands of people have been killed since the military coup of 2004, the coup of 2013, the French intervention in 2013 and the intervention of the UN in 2014.

During this last protest, demonstrators set fire to UN installations while blue helmets and Congolese police fired their firearms at the people. At least four demonstrators have been killed and many get wounded. The anger of the masses overflowed as the day before eight civilians were killed by the Congolese government.

It's right to rebel! Death to imperialism!

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