INDIA – Arrest of democratic activists

The People‘s war in India, led by the CPI(Maoist) is a very important point of reference for revolutionaries world wide. In their attempt to drown the people‘s war in the people‘s blood, to deligitmize the justified struggles of the masses, the Indian ruling classes are directing the counterrevolutionary force of the old state against broad parts of the masses. This ongoing repression against democratic and revolutionary activists and intellectuals shows the antidemocratic character of the old Indian state, and only serves the imperialists, mainly US imperialism.

This was the case for Narla Ravi Sharma and Bellapu Anuradha, who were arrested on Nov 12th in Hyderabad, Telangana. They were arrested and put on trial under the unlawful activities prevention act (UAPA) and the Indian Penalty Code (IPC), both notoriously antidemocratic laws, with roots to colonial times, as well as the Telangana State Public Security Act. The police has released a press note with the title „Arrest of two Maoist Cadres by Spl Team from L B Nagar PS Limits“, accusing both of crimes that they have been legally acquitted from, or were serving a bail sentence for.

B. Anuradha is a progressive democratic activist that has served four years in jail. While she has been acquitted from all cases against her, she has written a series of short stories, based on the life of her fellow inmates in jail, telling the stories of the inmates in the prisons of the old states, that have received wide critical acclaim.

Both of them were actively involved in the All Indian Forum against the Hindutwa Fascist Offensive, a democratic, antifascist organization that is directed against the current upsurge of the Hindu-Fascist, casteist and genocidal forces sponsored by the old Indian state.

While the ongoing repression against democratic and people‘s forces, the antidemocratic and fascist character of the old Indian state is becoming more and more obvious. All revolutionary, anti-imperialist, anti-fascist and democratic forces must condemn this cruel oppression and voice solidarity with the imprisoned activists.

Down with fascism and imperialism!

Death to Hindutva fascism!

Long live international solidarity!

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