IRELAND - Support the Republican Prisoners!

Traditionally in Ireland December is the month of the political prisoners. Furthermore, Irish Republicans are detained as prisoners of war under brutal conditions. The Anti Imperialist Action Ireland calls for a campaign this December and throughout 2020, “in support of the Republican Prisoners of War, raising issues that directly relate to the ongoing Republican prison struggle.”

Following we share a call of the Anti Imperialist Action Ireland:

[source: Anti Imperialist Action Ireland]

Support the Republican Prisoners!

December is tradionally prisoners month in the Irish Republican calendar, and unfortunately this year can be no different as Irishmen and women remain in British and Free State Gaol's in Ireland, for playing a role in the struggle for Irish National Liberation.

Britain has no right to be in Ireland and Republican prisoners would not be in gaol but for the ongoing illegal occupation and counter revolution in our country.

December is an important time to raise issues about the POWS, from internment, to extradition and non jury special courts, to the brutal conditions Republicans continue to be held in and we are committed campigning on these issues this December and throughout 2020.

But December is also the time to think of the prisoners and there dependents and we encourage all supporters of Irish Republicanism to send a letter or a card to a POW, and to contribute to a fund for there dependents if you can.

Throughout this month we will be producing a number of posters that highlight the fact that there remains political prisoners of war in Ireland today. We will also be attending the December vigil of the anti internment group of Ireland and encourage other Irish Republicans and supporters to do the same.

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