FRANCE - Protests and strikes do not stop!

For more than a year there have been protests and strikes in France. The last year started in November with the big yellow vest protests, which went out on the streets against the fuel tax. But it didn't take long and the protests also addressed social issues. In the last week the protests got a new momentum with the general strike. The French state now wants to push through the pension reform but this is meeting with great resistance among the population. More than 1.5 million people have taken to the streets in many different cities over the past few days to demonstrate against the plans of the French state. Barricades were built and there were fights with the police. The protests also brought a general strike with them. The workers of the airports and railways go on strike. The whole infrastructure of the French state is defacto paralyzed. These struggles clearly show that the French bourgeoisie is in a deep crisis and can not do so easily what they want. They also show the power of the broad sections of the masses if the resist and fight!

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