AUSTRIA - Actions to greet the release of Théo!

Comrade Théo has been released a few days ago. A lot of revolutionary, antifascist and democratic forces around the world greet and celebrate the release as a product of the struggle of the people and proletariat in France and of the international solidarity! In this sense, activists of the "Free Théo Komitee" and masses made actions to hold up this success and to show their international solidarity.

The actions show that the activists send their greetings to comrade Théo, who was released and never gave up in face of repression by the imperialist French state. They greet him as a revolutionary, who called up to support the justified struggle and to condemn the imperialist French State, who oppresses and exploits also a lot of countries in Africa. Also the activists show their demand of the release of all political prisoners from the yellow vest protests, as well as the slogan "Forward in the justified struggle of the people!" was brought to the people in Austria. That shows the necessity not only to celebrate the release of this success, but going forward in the struggle for the rights and interests of the people, against Imperialism. (See here the original reports of the actions in Linz and in Vienna)

Long live international solidarity!

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