Comrade Pierre: A red star is immortal!

From Dem Volke Dienen we mirror: On the 4th of December 2017 our dear French comrade Pierre, fierce revolutionary on the site of the international proletariat, died after an accident. On the second anniversary of his death, the Maoist Communist Party in the French State has issued a statement that we henceforth mirror in an (unofficial) English translation:

Comrade Pierre: A red star is immortal!

It has been two years already since Comrade Pierre has left us. And still, those Comrade who knew him have the impression of having him at their side. The mark Comrade Pierre has left on our Party is so intense, that even Comrades who have never met him are under the impression of knowing him.

Today more than ever the legacy of Comrade Pierre is alive, thanks to the hard work of those who dedicate their lives for the revolutionary movement and the construction of its Party, the Maoist Communist Party.

Since the beginning of the Yellow Vest movement from last November, the working class and popular masses in the French state are boiling. Other countries, growing ever more in number, have strong mass movements going as far as shaking the powers in place.

There is absolutely no doubt that during this storm of revolt, Comrade Pierre would have been active on all fronts, relentlessly active without tiredness to transform this revolt into revolution. Despite his advanced age of 80, it was hyperactivity which characterized him, as well as his energy; he pulled the masses into combat on an international level because to him “Proletarians of all countries, unite!” was way more than a slogan. It was at the same time his reason and his way of daily life.

Now, imagine Comrade Pierre would be still amongst us at this very moment, it would be picturing him as a fish amongst the masses, fighting with fury to guide the masses onto the revolutionary path.

It is this love for the masses, this energy, this revolutionary optimism, this class hatred for our enemies which characterized him, inspiring new generations for the hard struggles to come and the great challenges in front of us.

Your struggle, Comrade, we have taken it up into our hands and we will continue it and will never let it go!

All Comrades will have a thought of you in the fires of class struggle!

Comrade Pierre is immortal! A red star never dies!

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