AUSTRIA - Lively and struggling demonstrations and actions on the 25th of November

In various cities of Austria activities like meetings, spreading flyer, posters and events were used to mobilize for the 25th of November. This year's 25th of November was also used to start discussions on the demands and a political program of the class-conscious women. Obviously it was a success and it were especially the women of the "Red Women Committees" who developed together with struggling and class-conscious women lively initiatives on the demonstrations and activities on November 25th.

The Red Women Committees put up demands for free child-care, wages, against repression from police and state institutions, as well as they put forward the struggle against imperialism and patriarchy and the slogan "Proletarian feminism for communism!".

There were demonstrations held in Vienna and Innsbruck, in Vienna around 150 women and in Innsbruck 400. There were also posters of two communists, carried at the demonstration: Eleanor Marx-Aveling and Hedy Urach. Especially Eleanor Marx-Aveling catched a lot of interest from the women in the demonstration. She is an important example to show, that the struggle of the women is not isolated, but has to give the perspective to struggle against patriarchy and capital and for the revolution. In Innsbruck the progressive women also held up the female partisans with their slogans, especially against pacifistic slogans.

In Linz, where there was no demonstration, struggling women and the Red Women's Committee made an action on a big square, where they shouted slogans and had a banner which says "No step back in the struggle against violence on women". It is important to struggle against the isolation of the women's movement, to give it a class-conscious character. First steps have been made and also important teachings have been learned to struggle for this goal. To make the women a strong force for the revolution.

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