SUDAN/SOUTH AFRICA - Struggle against violence on women

In Sudan there were the first protests on the 25th of November since decades. The protest against violence against women is part of the people's protest against the bad situation of the people, the last government and the repression against protests. Especially women were imprisoned on hundreds in the last month during the protests against the old government. The demonstration on 25th of November shows that the struggle for political rights is part of the struggle against violence on women and women's oppression and exploitation.

In South Africa since September protests against violence and murder of women are rising. The starting point was the rape and murder of the 19 year old student Uyinene Mrwetyana and the murder of the student Precious Ramabulana, she was stabbed 52 times. The demonstrators clashed with the police when they tried to storm the Cape Town International Convention Centre where the World Economic Forum is taking place during a march demanding justice and protection amid violent attacks on women and children. Also on 25th of November demonstrations and protest took place in South Africa.

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