DRC - Protesters stormed UN facilities near Beni

MONUSCO — the United Nations Organization Stablization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo — is one of the biggest UN peacekeeping operations in the world. On November 25, early in the morning thousands of protesters stormed and put fire on UN facilities near the capital city of the country, despite security forces fired gunshots into the crowd. "Several offices at the MONUSCO headquarters were set on fire and looted," a civil person said. "Residents are demanding the withdrawal of MONUSCO from Beni because of the inaction of UN forces." A journalist from Al Jazeera reported: "The UN soldiers were trying to defend themselves but it was very difficult. Two people were killed around the demonstration around the UN camp, which destroyed half of the wall of the main UN building,". "The same protesters are now heading to the second military base of the UN located at the airport. This is a very, very difficult situation going on here in the town of Beni."

Demonstrators claim that the presence of the UN "peacekeepers" didn't calm down the situation, but even worsened the violence against the people. "They [UN peacekeepers] should either protect us or leave our country. We have been killed while they just watch. What are they here to do?" demonstrator Jonas Kambale said. The rebellion against UN facilities shows that the peoples more and more realize that UN is not for their safety, but for other interests in their country. It shows the bankruptcy of imperialism, that people not even believe their "peaceful" involvement. The people see the reality and they struggle against it.

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