INDIA – News from the people‘s war

The Newspaper New Indian Express, loyal to the bureaucratic state, recently reported about three cadres of the People‘s Liberation Army (PLA) of the CPI(Maoist) hiding in the Kerala-Karnataka-Tamil Nadu-trijunction (KKT) area that are being targeted with a reward of 200 000 INR on their head.

The fright of the old Indian state is very understandable, since the CPI(Maoist) has regrouped in the area of the KKT back in December 2018, an area that is notoriously hard to control for the troops of the old Indian state, being densly forested without extensive mapping.

Comrade Mahesh, Comrade Sundari and Comrade Anu, all active leaders of the PLA, will not be easy to find in the shadow of the forest and with the support of the masses of the Natives the CPI(Maoist) has in Kerala.

Support the peoples war in India!

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