BURKINA FASO - Attacks show crisis of French imperialism

This week several attacks of armed forces show the crisis of French imperialism in Burkina Faso. After last month demonstrations took place against the presence of foreign military and claim, that foreign military increases the attacks of armed groups, France announced this Monday to send more troops to Burkina Faso. The new operation "Bourgou 4" will be led by Barkhane (France's military operation in the Sahel region of Africa), but with the contribution of two Burkinabe companies. It will take place in the three border area. Until now there were 4,500 French troops (without the local military being controlled by them), which are getting increased more now.

On the same day of the official announcement of sending more French troops to Burkina Faso, a parliament member of Burkina Faso was killed. This was the first time in the recent years such a high member of the state apparatus was killed in an attack. M. Pellerin, a representative of a imperialist think-tank in Bruxelles said on that: "The military answer to jihadism is a way to deal with the consequences, not the causes of the development of local insurgency groups which are committed to local grievances caused by a system of governance which produces inequalities, whether it is the judiciary system, governance over natural resources, or the governance of the defence and security forces". This shows that even the imperialists know that repression by military forces will not end social and economical conditions.

Later this week 37 people were killed, and 60 wounded when armed people attacked a convoy transporting workers of Canadian gold miner Semafo in eastern Burkina Faso. Semafo tightened security last year following armed incidents near two of its mines in the country.

The attacks, as well as the announcement to send more troops to the Country is a sign of a deepening crisis of French imperialism in Burkina Faso, which more and more can not control the country any more, while people resist against foreign military interventions and military presence. Sending even more troops to the Sahel-zone will lead to more distrust and resistance of the people.

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