NORWAY - NATO War Center Out of Stavanger!

By a norwegian activist for Tjen Folket Media.

In 2003, the NATO base Joint Warfare Center (JWC) was opened in the Jåttå area of Stavanger. This is a massive complex behind barbed wire fences adjacent to a suburb of Stavanger. Originally built within tunnels dug by Germans during WWII, but now also with large buildings above-ground.

The base is included in the command structure of imperialist NATO and is often visited by top leaders in NATO and its member countries.

Since the establishment of the NATO base, there have been several rounds with training and education for the leadership of the occupation forces in Afghanistan. Since 2001, Afghanistan has been hit with a bloody war, waged by an imperialist NATO occupation where hundreds of thousands have been killed, including large amounts of civilians.

Furthermore, training for the top leadership in the Iraqi military installed by the US has also been carried out at the base. Iraqi police have also been on tours in the police station in Stavanger as a part of the same project. This military has in the past week shot and killed demonstrators in Iraq, who have demonstrated against the neglect of the country that now has a US-loyal regime. The regime that imperialists have installed has left the people in miserable conditions without enough food, water, electricity, and medicine. To serve the imperialists’ control of oil and military power in the Middle East, gravediggers are trained to smash the people’s justified rebellion.

Training, organizing, and administration of the imperialist war.

One of the most important people who has been trained in the base is the Canadian Lieutenant General Charles Bouchard. Bouchard was the commander for the NATO operation in 2011 in Libya where Norway killed several civilians and thrust the oil-rich country into a brutal civil war that continues to this day, and afterwards served as leader for the Canadian branch of the American weapons company Lockheed Martin until 2018.

Joint Warfare Center has also participated very actively in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture, which was met by demonstrations all over Norway.

From Jåttå, wars of aggression, occupations, and the murder of civilians have been organized as a part of the plunder of the world’s poorest by imperialist countries like Norway and the US. Gravediggers who kill our fellow people that demonstrate in Iraq have been trained here. And future imperialist wars will most likely be waged with the support of the JWC.

Generals entrench themselves behind high barbed-wire fences in the world’s wealthiest country and rain death over the world’s poorest people on other continents.