GUINEA - One Million on the street against third term of President Alpha Condé

Since Monday 14th of October hundreds of thousands people took to the street to protest and strike against the change of constitution by the president, in order to overcome a constitutional bar on a third therm. The president Aplpha Condé is 81 years and was the first elected president in Guinea in 2010.

Last week there were clashes and fighting between the young people of Guinea and the police. Since then at least 9 demonstrors and one policeman died in the protests, at least 20 demonstrators had bullet wounds. Police shot tear gas and live bullets at protesters as they ransacked military posts, threw stones and blocked roads with burning tires in the outskirts of the capital, Conakry.

Cynically the government spokesman Damantang Albert Camara said: "The goal of the demonstration, which was meant to be insurrectional, was clearly to provoke a violent response from the military to cause a lot of deaths in order to inflame the situation". On resident of Wanindara told a newspaper about a situation of the killings: "Young people and gendarmes were fighting. The gunshots that hit them were fired from the van of these gendarmes. Both young people fell."

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