CHILE - Militant mass protest rising!

The people of Chile uprise against the police of the comprador bourgeoisie. In the last weeks, especially students protested against the increase of cost for public transportation. At the end of last week the government sent police forces, which should use their riot guns to make sure that the people stop the evasion of the payment. Since then the protest of the masses erupted and developed to a rebellion of broad parts of the people.

The masses wrote the slogan "It's not for 30 pesos, it's for 30 years." on the walls. Revolutionaries in Chile pointed out that this slogan describes the actual situation in Chile very good. Since Friday millions of people stay in the struggle against the military and police forces of the reactionary state. Thousands were arrested and wounded and several were killed by the reactionary violence. The people of Chile stand in the struggle, not only by the increase of 30 pesos, but they stay in struggle because they lost illusions in the so called democracy.

Since 30 years, the end of the fascist Pinochet, every of the “democratic“ governments deepened the exploitation, oppression of the people and plundering of the nation in the interest of the imperialists, mainly the US-Imperialists. While the US-Imperialism and his marionettes in Chile take immense profits out of the burocratic capitalism, the people feel daily the big gap between them and the ruling classes. The land grab, the privatization of water ruin thousands of peasants and the people of the Mapuche, the population in the cities suffer under the sky-high rents, the bad health care system, high unemployment rates and lack of prospects.

The further and further deepening of the burocratic capitalism in the last 30 years by the different “democratic parties“ lead to political crises of today. The people of Chile loose more and more illusions in the pseudo democratic character of parliament system. With the actual struggle they learn more and more to trust in their own strength!

With the ongoing struggle the reactionary state show his face clearly to the people. The government proclaimed the state of emergency first in Santiago and meanwhile it spread to the regions of Valparaíso, Biobío, Coquimbo, Antofagasta, O'Higging and Valdivia. The state does anything to protect the imperialist interest and the people feel it. Even more determined the people face the police and military forces. In Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, Temuco, La Serena and Coquimbo, the people held up militant demonstrations, barricades were put up and nearly everywhere they clashed with the armed forces of the old Chilean state. In a lot of clashes the people went out victoriously, even one police building was put on fire.

The uprise also spread to the countryside, where the peasants were confronted a long time with the devastating consequences of the hoarding of water by the big landowners. With the slogan "it's not drought, it's looting“ they went in the struggle against the big landowners, which ended in their very fast capitulation and the Codelco company opened the floodgates again.

Through this and many other experiences the masses recognize more and more the importance of revolutionary violence. The revisionist and opportunist forces were hit with that situation, it's getting much more difficult to push their pacifist way. Like before in Peru, in Brazil, in Ecuador and now in Chile the oppressed people are learning to trust even more in their own strength and learning how to struggle in their own way! Millions of people are staying in the direct struggle against the main enemy of the people worldwide: Imperialism!

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