CATALONIA - The sentence. An article by comrades from DAZIBAO ROJO

We want to publish an article by DAZIBAO ROJO here. In this article it is correctly emphasized that a Communist Party is needed, to lead the justified liberation struggle of Catalonia. Currently the struggles and protests are led by the national bourgeoisie.

On Monday the 14th, the sentence against the politicians of the independence process will be officially known. It opens a new political period or at least places "the peaceful independence path", led by the bourgeoisie, before a fact, already known in advance: The punitive condemnation of the Spanish oligarchy against the political prisoners of process.

No longer will there be great statements, baloney or fictional republics. It will be the facts that speak.

The communists defend, without reservations, the Right of Self-Determination of the Peoples, which is the Leninist line, while we affirm that in the imperialist countries, these processes can only be realized around a program of Socialist Revolution and not by the hand of the bourgeoisie, which however nationalist it is, only seeks a new capitalist state.

In the current moment the Catalan masses lack an authentic Communist Party that, armed with the proletarian ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, is capable of leading the struggle for independence and socialism.

Nevertheless, the class struggle, the struggle for national independence, will generate the same. We have no doubt! It is a dialectical law of history.

The Spanish oligarchy, the Crown, that is deeply reactionary, is playing with a fire that can engulf them them and their rotten regime in a great crisis.

We must be alert!

#Catalonia #dazibaorojo