Germany - Fascist attack on synagogue

On October 9th a fascist attacked a synagogue in Germany in the city "Halle an der Salle" on the highest Jewish holiday. At the time of the attack there were up to 80 people in the synagogue, but the fascist could not enter. And he went to a place where he opened fire and shot two people and injured several of them severely.

Once again this attack shows that anti-Semitism in Germany is not only history but bitter reality. The fascist is completely in the tradition of the NS - fascism. Even if now the German state mourns the victims, it is a hypocritical mourning. Because he is responsible for this cruel act. Alone with the NSU processes and with them becoming known that the German state was strongly involved in the construction of this fascist organization. Show in this action the true face of the German state.

Every mourning for the victims of the rulers is thus a stab in the backs of the murdered persons and the Jewish faith community and the German masses. They are the ones who strengthen and deepen anti-Semitism and racism in Germany. To divide and divert the masses even further from their reactionary intentions. So they used these cruel laws to pass new anti-democratic, reactionary laws to oppress and exploit the masses in Germany even more.

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