SOMALIA – 26th anniversary of the „Battle of Mogadishu“: a strike against US-imperialism!

Recently the US reopened its embassy in Somalia after 28 years, after the imperialist war between the interests of then socialimperialist Soviet Union and USA produced a totally „failed state“, on enormous blood of the somali people. The battle of Mogadishu in October 1993 marked the arrogance and overestimation of US-Imperialiasm. After centuries of colonial oppression and becoming victims of the US-imperialist attempts of redistribution after the collaps of socialimperialist Soviet Union, the Somalian people characterized a deep rejection against the so-called „foreign aid“ of UNO and USA.

After the overthrow of the rule of Siad Barre in 1991, former lackey of social-imperialist Soviet Union and beginning from middle of 1970s friend of US interests (but in his beginning someone who pretended to be a patriotic nationalist who implemented popular reforms, like the systematization of the Somali language, which laid the groud why Somalia is still one of the few African countries not having the colonial languages as official national languages) the country was „left alone“, because of the disappeared competition with social-imperialist Soviet Union. Different armed militias, also old supporters and militaries of Siad-Barre regime, tried to control the country, because the Imperialists used the method of supporting different clans for their interests, so this „fractions“ were now fighting each other for power.

With 1992 4.500 UN „blue helmet troops“ entered Somalia and the number was increased up to 37.000 soldiers in the end of 1992, expecially US-forces. The biggest political and military force was then the United Somali Congress (USC) under the leadership of Mohamed Farrah Aidid. In October 200 representants of Clans decided for a ceasefire between them, but in the same time they broke up the cooperation with the UNO. In the next day 24 UN-solidiers were killed in an attack.

US-Military used it to proclaime a „war against terror“ and with the goal to kill Aidid by using a special „Task Force Ranger“. In this „peace-mission“, which lasted two days, 19 US soldiers and 1000 Somali people were killed and the intervention ended up with the withdrawal of US-military in Somalia. This great failure of US-imperialism was also because a part of the peoples masses supported the fight against UNO and US, also armed and not armed women and children helped the Somailian soldiers to fight against the terror attack by the imperialists. That led to the US pullout of Somalia, in relation it was the mission with the highest losses of US-imperialism after Vietnam-war. It is not without reason that US-imperialism produced the propaganda movie „Black Hawk Dawn“ in the early 2000s to whitewash their role in the battle of Mogadishu, showing the Somalian people as cruel killers and their killing as „peace mission“. In 1995 also the UN mission was broken off and left a war-torn and destroyed country.

Since 2007 there are again 22.000 african soldier of the „AMISOM“ mission and officially 500 US soldiers who terrorize the country and try to install a government in favour of the imperialist interests. Because of long colonialization and imperialist aggression the country was not able to develop, even every development which was made was destroyed. For example during the colonial rule in italian-Somaliland only 0,1 % of the population visited school before the beginning of the first world war. Due to the developments after the official indipendency the people who could read and write were 60%. Since 1991 every state organized educational system ist destroyed. Today only 13% of boys and 7% of girls visit a school. More than 83% of the population are analphabets and 70% live in absolute poverty. In Somalia no state control or national government exists, only a imperialist-installed government controlling some parts of Mogadishu was supported by US-imperialists since 2012.

Imperialist media and the so-called „development-aid“ claim, that it is because of the Shabaab-Militia that the country can not be developed and is still war-torned. Reports, and even US analysis show, that the increase of militias has a connection with the presence of foreign military. Hundreds of civilian people die every year in UN or US military attacks. After a study of UN 70% of the people which was asked in the survey, claimed that they joined a „terror-group“ after the government or US-supported army did unjust measures (killings, inprisonment).

The „war against terror“ and the massive increase of drone attacks by US-military in the last three years have special reasons. On of them is for sure the exploitation of national ressources in Somalia. Somalia has one of the biggest oil-reserves in Africa and in the last years the attempt to extract oil was started again since 21 years. Canadian, US- and European oil companies try to get involved in this business and for that they need a government which is stable to some extent. Thats why they open again the US-ambassy, thats why they try to install and strengthen a government.

The oppression and bloodshed of the somalian people led to a great distrust against the western imperialist, who left them a „failed state“ and the deepest feudal structure of society. That is why the militant and also islamic militias do not decrease, but increase with every further step of „foreign aid“. The battle of Mogadishu showed again that US-imperialism is not invincible and that the peoples masses learn from their experiences. The most important problem is the lack of a real progressive and patriotic force, to lead the distrust and hate of the masses against imperialism into an organized and antiimperialist force. Imperialism in its last period produces „failed states“ like Somalia, supporting clan-conflicts and fueling it with massive weapon-support to different fractions, in order to fullfill their interests. The just interests of the people, to fight UNO and every imperialist mission, will be the basis of the coming struggle.

Pictures after the "Battle of Mogadishu"

Picures of attacks against UN-services nowadays

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