BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Catastrophic conditions in the refugee camp

Near the West Croatian border in Vucjak there is a refugee camp, which is nothing "unusual". But in this refugee camp refugees from all over Europe are sent in order to find shelter there. The camp is designed for 500 to 700 people but more than 2500 people are already accommodated there! In addition, there is no running water and electricity in this camp, sanitary facilities are clearer white also much too little available. It was actually just an improvised camp. The people who have to live there like animals, are also exposed to a very great danger. In the Yugoslavian war this was a hotly capped area where land-mines are still buried scattered all over the place.

At the same time it hails criticism from European member states over the conditions in this camp. That human rights violations would happen and if Bosnia and Herzegovina ever wanted to enter the European Union they would have to get this camp under control. That's a very hypocritical criticism! That are conditions manly made by the members of the EU!

Here you can see the effects of imperialism like a picture book. As Lenin already defined: "Imperialism is a reaction all down the line"

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