Turkey - War on the back of the Syrian & Kurdish people

Since the 7th of October, Turkey has been carrying out military manoeuvres and attacks in Syria. This was officially considered a maneuver against the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) and the armed Kurdish groups Popular Protection Units (YPG) and Women's Protection Units (YPJ).

The PKK, YPG and YPJ are often taken in the West by the petty bourgeois and liberals as the left fighting for Kurdistan's liberation. But a few years ago, the PKK issued an official statement where they rejected the task of the liberation of the Kurds and the Kurdish Nation, and issuing the struggle against the so called "IS" as the main task in Syria. They made this clear once more with the cooperation with the US imperialism. According to the Pentagon, in its budget for 2020 the USA has earmarked 550 million dollars for its intervention in Syria, but it is estimated that in 2017 alone they transferred up to 2 billion dollars to arm the YPG.

It is no secret that US imperialism, as the main enemy of the oppressed peoples and nations of the world, has a great influence in Turkey. The manoeuvre in Syria was planned as a joint operation. So it is also known that as with PKK, YPG and YPJ US imperialism invested not only with capital but also with weapons in Turkish military.

This war between the Turkish and Kurdish lackeys serves only the US imperialism and is carried out on the back of the Syrian and Kurdish population.

Down with imperialism, freedom to the people!

Down with US imperialism!

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