ECUADOR - The uprise continues!

The uprise of the Ecuadorian People continues after one week of heroic struggle!

The ongoing movement is the most combative uprise in the last fifty years of the Ecuadorian history. It is an result of the further and further intensification of the contradictions in Ecuador. On the one side the Moreno regime, which does anything possible to serve the US-Imperialism, the main enemy of the people of the world, and on the other side the oppressed Ecuadorian people. The Moreno government has become one of the USA imperialists most faithful puppets in Latin America. The regime is deepening the semi colonial character of Ecuador and is serving the US-Imperialism in the exploitation and spoliation of the country. After Moreno denounced the new measures in the beginning of October, the people went to the streets and carried out militant marches, whereon the comprador regime has answered with reactionary violence. Hundreds of wounded, arrested and even murdered were the results of the big operations of military and police in the first days. The people answered with an even more determined struggle. Since there the rebellion continued and developed until now. Important to point out is that the struggling masses are put together by several suppressed classes and layers of the Ecuadorian people: The indigenous, the peasant, as well as parts of the intellectuals and the proletariat, which has proven them as the most conscious part in the struggle. The reactionary media played an very important role in the attempts of the old fascist state to regain the control over the masses. With lies they try to isolate the struggling masses. They fuel racism against the indigenous people, by reducing the protests on only the indigenous people. They are trying to divide the suppressed people. They also reported about the protests as small isolated actions. To diminish there importance and to hide their own morass and weakness. The masses continued their struggle without hesitation and the ruling classes can’t understate the uprising anymore. The Moreno regime is weak, now they proclaimed the state of emergency in the capital. The state declared war against the people! Thousands of soldiers are in the street and together with the police they are arresting and murdering the struggling masses. Until now hundreds were arrested and wounded, and a dozen were killed by the arms of the fascist troops! The people resist and the protest developed to the biggest and most significant people uprise in the last 50 years of Ecuador's history. The masses were able to occupy strategic important areas, oil fields and major nodes. The State Comptroller's Office was set on fire by the masses. The reactionary media felt the anger of the people, when several offices were attacked. Within the uprise the comrades of The Front for the Defense of the Struggles of the People of Ecuador stood in the first row and played an very important role. As the revisionist leadership is trying to bring the uprise down, by calming the situation and going to the negotiation table with the Moreno regime, the comrades took on the struggle against revisionist enemies. Against the backstabbing pacifism, the comrades point out the character of revolutionary violence and the people’s war as the only possible way for liberation!

It's right to rebel!

Down with Imperialism!

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