AUSTRIA - Successful event against the mass murder in the Philippines

Last Saturday, October 12, there was the event "Is there somebody?" held in Vienna in cooperation of the Philippine Organization "Pinas fight Na!" (Activists and affected people) with the Austrian newspaper "Antifascist Action". There was reported, that with over 90 visitors and a lively discussion the event was a good success.

Since 2017 the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte started the so-called "war on drugs", which turns out to be a war against the poor and against the people who resist and struggle. Since then at least 28.000 people have been victims of the killings by police forces, but also by armed paramilitary groups, supported by the government and the imperialists (USA and China).

In the event there was a theater play, which pointed out the dramatical situation for the families and children of the victims of the mass murder. As well there were mothers of the victims in the Philippines, who told their stories and why it is necessary to form their own organization to fight against the killings and the policy of the Duterte-government. The mothers of the victims, who come from the poorest parts of the masses, were for all the visitors a strong sign for the necessity to struggle for one's own interests, they didn't let the killings frighten them. The willingness of the visitors to support the struggle and to get active for the international solidarity is reported by the hosts of the event.

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