INDIA – The CPI(Maoist) creates a new division

The CPI(Maoist) has officially created a new division in the newly formed MMC zone. The MMC-zone, an area that is located at the tri-junction of the three central Indian states Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh was created in 2016/17. The territory has since then been the location of many heavy battles and important victories.

The CPI(Maoist) has now created a new division inside this zone, called the Kanha-Bhoramdeo (KB) division. It is the second division in that zone after the GRB (Gondia, Rajanandgaon Balaghat). The MMC-zone is headed by Comrade Deepak Teltumbde, a member of the Central Comitee.

The document found by the troops of the old Indian state, that contained the information about the new division contained troubeling news for the forces of the old state: The party has already started successfully to recrout locals.

Through that the CPI(Maoist) shows that they are deeply connected to the toiling masses of their country, proving that they are the ones who will capture the hearts of the people, unlike the propagandists of the old Indian state that are being sent to the MMC now.

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