TUNISIA – Voters turnout shows less trust in so-called „democracy“

After the Arab spring the imperialists managed to install a pro-western government under a „newborn democratic system“. A few years later, the lately held presidential election shows that the lackey-government has not managed to win the trust of the people for their so called „democratic“ election spactacle. Only 41% (in the first round some weeks ago it was 45%) went to vote. This means nearly 20% less than at the presidental election in 2014, where the voters turnout was 60%.

In a national survey 80% of the people said, that they have no trust in the political parties. The political crisis in Tunisia can be also seen before the election: 5000 candidates (!) on 1500 lists are contesting 217 seats in parliament. So even though one might think that with 1500 lists everyone whould find something „good“, the majority of the peoples masses in Tunisia already knows that the parliament is not making policy for the people‘s interests, but for the imperialist‘s demands. Its obvious that the plan of the (mainly western) Imperialists of EU and USA to „stabilize“ the country and to win the people for so called „democracy“ did not work out.

The real interests of the people are not represented in the politics of a lackey-government. The people suffer unemployment (the youth unemployment rate is 35%), poverty and oppression. As well the people saw that the oppression and exploitation didn‘t stop since the uprising in the Arab Spring. This experiences of the Tunisian people will help them in the struggle against imperialism and for the interests of the workers and people.

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