BRAZIL - Pedro Pomar: 106th birthday of great Brazilian communist leader

Today we want to share an unofficail translation from an article published in the journal A Nova Democracia, about the revolutionary Pedro Pomar.

On the last 23rd of September the Brazilian revolutionary movement celebrated the 106th birthday of the great communist leader Perdro Ventura Felipe de Araújo Pomar.

Born in 1913, in Óbidos, in the region of Pará, Pedro Pomar joined the Communist Party of Brazil (1932) in 1932. He was in the ranks during the Great Popular Uprising of 1935. He participated in the process of reconstruction of 1962, when the party went on to use the acronym PCdoB (Partido Communista do Brasil) and in the following years he led the heroic guerrilla of Araguaia. He was assasinatd by the fascist militar regime in 1976 in an event known as "Chacina da Lapa" in São Paulo. After this event the direction of the PCdoB was usurped by revisionists such as João Amazonas, who transformed the party into a revisionist one and into another acronym of the only party of the dominant classes.

Second article by Professor Fausto Arruda published in issue #58 of AND: "Today more than ever it's of exeptional meaning to honor the great and true Brazilian revolutionaries [like Pedro Pomar]. Besides the need and importance of deserved homage, it is exemplary and of an unparalleled actuality to celebrate those of trajectory marked until the end by ideological firmness, by the politics of principles, by the moral correctness and revolutionary integrity in days when opportunism, pusillanimity and disdain, cynicism and low morale were sacred as premises of official political practice. A figure and path of a Pedro Pomar emerges radiant and shining in front of this swamp of opportunism in which a false left renegade of the most valuable principles of the theory, ideology and politics and ethics of the proletariat performs as shift management of the old reactionary state of the great bourgeoisie, the large estate owners and of imperialism".

As a way of honoring this great Brazilian revolutionary we share some articles about his path, which have already been published in the A Nova Democracia journal*:

Viva Pedro Pomar!

Viva Pedro Pomar, o grande dirigente comunista brasileiro!

Pedro Pomar, fortaleza ideológica

Pelo caminho de Pedro Pomar

Salve o grande dirigente comunista Pedro Pomar

A posição de Pedro Pomar

*Translator's Note: the articles are in Portuguese, but translations will follow soon

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