PHILIPPINES – News about the counterrevolutionary offensive

The fascist Duterte regime of the Philippines has made a change within the military leadership. Noel Clement, the incoming chief of the AFP will assume his post on September 24th, replacing the old chain hound of the Philippine ruling classes Gen. Benjamin Madrigal Jr. On Friday he told the press that the 130 000 strong force under his control will not be enough to reach that goal. “It has to be the whole country, the whole nation. This is a national problem, so we have to do address this as a people, collectively.” Clement said. The cynicism of the Duterte clique is evident, since they themselves are the lackeys of the imperialists, selling the country out to them, to the reactionaries who stands between the Filipino people and national liberation. The People’s war in the Philippines lead by the Communist Party of the Philippines has a long and rich history, and even the cruel methods of repression the Filipino ruling classes have now employed against them, like widespread bombings of red areas, have not met their goal of crushing it, forcing them to up the ante now. The fact that the Duterte regime has deemed it necessary to extend their terror against the broad masses, killing thousands in their counter-resistance programs thinly veiled as a “war on terror”, shows who is really the problem of “ the whole nation”. It is in the interest of the Filipino people as a nation to expand the people’s war and to fight against imperialism and all its lackeys, for new democratic revolution. The great struggle of the Filipino people will end with the defeat of imperialism and all its lackeys! Death to Imperialism! Long live International Solidarity!

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