SUDAN - Eight demonstrators shot down

On the 29th of July eight demonstrators were shot in their head by the army and security forces. That led to thousands of mass protesters taking on the street in the capital and other major cities. The masses demonstrating also demand justice to the various massacres since 11th of April against the struggling people. The people of Sudan struggle since more than half a year against the old military rulers of the country. Every day it is more and more obvious, that the interest of the people is an independent country, to decide on their own about their country, not to be ruled by one or another puppet of the imperialists. So many imperialist interests are bleeding out this country and lead to a situation not capable any more for the people. That is why the masses carry on their protest, even thought there were made some "promises" to them. Imperialists - get out of Sudan!

#Sudan #massprotests