MEXICO - Current of Sol Rojo announces mobilisation

We share an unofficial translation declaration from Sol Rojo Mexico on the 26th of September the day of the disappeared form Ayotzinapa.

To the working class and the workers

To the poor peasants and the peoples in struggle

To the democratic teaching and the sister organisations

The great changes that our country requires can only be achieved through the organisation and the struggle of the wide popular masses; the people and only the people is the driving froce that makes world history. This is an universal law in the development of societies.

About 5 years have passed since the night in Iguala, where students of the Rural Normal School “Raúl Isidro Burgos” of Ayoztinapa, Guerrero, were attacked by police and para-police groups, leaving 9 people dead, 27 wounded and 43 disappeared.

This crime against humanity remains in impunity. At that time the government of Peña Nieto manufactured the so-called "historical truth", which was always a HISTORICAL LIE, where it was intended to lower the political costs of the old state, giving the absolute responsibility to organized crime and local and state police apparatuses that "were infiltrated by criminals".

Currently, more than half of the alleged perpetrators have been released from prison and others are about to be released for lack of elements and violations of due process, mainly because most of the statements were extracted under torture.

At the time, the opinions of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights were discarded by the Peñista government, and this resulted in absolute impunity around the case.

Around this the new government of the old state has assumed an attitude that's more mediatic than effective, even with the conformation of the Commission of Truth and the administration of the conflict with reunions with fathers and mothers of the 43 and their normalist comrades without anything being resolved, without having hard facts that would permit to find the whereabouts of the students and without the Mexican military disclosing their archives and information realted to the case. For this it's imperative to maintain that this was a crime done by the state. It was the state!

In Mexico the forced disappearances are still a common practice from the old state, which is to be understood as the professional apparatus of violence of the parasitary classes in power against the dominated, oppressed and exploited classes.

In Oaxaca impunity also exists.

Our organisation has mantained the demand of justice for the comrades of Ayotzinapa; we have assumed the struggle for the alive presentation of the 43 and justice for the assasinated and wounded not in a rethoric or discursive way, but in permanent praxis. This together with the defense of the rights of the people have cost us imprisonment, torture, forced disappearance and blood.

On June 7, 2015, after the mobilization for the alive presentation of the 43 and in rejection of the structural reforms of Peña Nieto, more than 80 of our comrades were detained, of which 23 were imprisoned in high security prisons. The comrades were accused of terrorism and carrying explosives of reserved use by the army, were tortured and were imprisoned for 16 months. Doctor Ernesto Sernas García assumed his defense with integrity, willing not only to prove their innocence, but also showing the responsibility of the state in the fabrication of crimes and the commission of arbitrary detention and torture against the opponents of the regime as a practice of state terrorism and war against the people.

On the 10th of May of 2018 our comrade Sernas García was disappeared just as he was preparing these means of proof; there are plenty of elements that point to the perverse hand of the state to be the one behind this disappearance. Since then, our organization has suffered an escalation of aggressions that has been increasing; new arbitrary detentions, uprisings, beatings, office break-ins, theft of files and computer equipment, etc.

On April 11, 2019, our comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino was assassinated in the middle of a paramilitary ambush in San Francisco Ixhuatán. The day before, the comrade had led the mobilization of the peoples of the Eastern Zone of the Isthmus in demanding the presentation of Dr. Sernas alive and the cancellation of imperialist mega-projects.

On August 17 and September 3, respectively, our comrades of the Sectional Executive Committee of Section 9 of the National Independent Health Workers Union (SINTS), particularly comrade Doctor Genaro Villalobos Sánchez, have been linked to two criminal trials for leading the union struggle in defense of employment and freedom of association.

Other comrades in the leadership of our organization are being harassed and investigated by the old state for being at the forefront of the people's struggles. But of the perpetrators of the forced disappearance of Doctor Sernas García and of the perpetrators of the murder of comrade Fuentes Aquino nothing is being said, nothing is being investigated, absolutely nothing is being done.

The slogan of the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca is to criminalize, repress and attack our democratic organization. The slogan of the Government of the State of Oaxaca is to persecute, harass and exterminate our democratic organization.

We will respond to this practice of state terrorism and war against the people with organization and struggle in the streets.

For these many reasons, we announce that the next 26th of September, in the context of the 5 years of injustice and impunity, our organisation will take part in a coordinated manner in the Journey of struggle summoned by the fathers and mothers of the 43. This will be a Global Action for Ayotzinapa, which demands justice for the victims of state terrorism and the war against the people. For this reason, the SolRojista men and women will also uphold the Five Central Points of our demands:

1.- Justice: a) alive presentation of Dr. Sernas García, b) punishment to the murderers of the comrade Luis Armando and c) stop the arrest warrants against our organisation.

2.- Integral reparation of the damage to the displaced Triquis of San Miguel Copala.

3.- Cancellation of the electric-military substation of San Blas Atempa and the mega-projects of imperialism that affect ejidos and indigenous communities.

4.- Respect the work and freedom of association of health workers affiliated to Section 9 of the SINTS.

5.- Respect and fulfillment of the rights of the people.

These mobilizations will be massive, with the modality of regional mobilizations in the diverse points of the state, and will be supported with two central activities: one in Oaxaca City and the other in Mexico City, in a coordinated way with the organizations with whom we have been working the route for the constitution of the Front of the People. We declare that we are not going to lower our flags, nor will we stop in the struggle for justice and defense of the rights of the people. The old state can continue with its campaigns of encirclement and harassment against us; we will act in correspondence, but we will never renounce the historic program of the New Democratic Revolution Democracy and Socialism that we uphold.

Because alive they took them, alive we want them back!

Stop state terrorism and the war against the people!

Let the workers govern the country!

With the Red Sun, the people will triumph!



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