DENMARK - Smash Danish imperialism! Freedom for Greenland!

Againts the initially planned, but later on canceled, visit of Trump to Denmark throught the whole country organisations mobilized to protest against him and denounce Yankee Imperialism. More so even after his chauvinistic comments about "buying Greenland" and the canceling of his trip. Comrades from Denmark mobilized to a joint combative blog carrying the slogans "Smash Danish imperialism! Freedom for Greenland!"

The following is a report on that action found here:

Danish revolutionaries demand “Smash Danish imperialism! Freedom for Greenland!”

For the 2nd of September the highest representative of Yankee-Imperialism – Donald Trump – announced his visit in Denmark. This brought progressive and anti-imperialist forces in Copenhagen to organise demonstrations. Although Trump cancelled just before his visit, at this date two demonstrations were conducted. They had an anti-imperialist character and were aimed against the main enemy of the peoples of the world – Yankee-imperialism. Slogans in support of the oppressed peoples of the world were shouted, like “Viva, Viva Palestine” and “Up the international solidarity” in Danish. At the autonomous demonstration signal-flares were burned, this highlighted the combative character of the demonstration.

Also some proletarian revolutionaries from Denmark participated in the demonstrations. They explicitly stood up against Danish imperialism and its still existing colonial aspirations for Greenland. On a banner in Danish they demanded “Smash Danish imperialism! Freedom for Greenland!”. Therefore they spoke out against any form of the hypocritical social-patriotism and opportunism and are developing their work for the reconstitution of the Communist Party in Denmark in struggle against the colossal heap of rubbish. An important international signal of the revolutionary movement of Denmark to the struggling peoples of the world that tells them, they are standing on the same side of history.